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Subway Coupons – January 2014 Codes

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Last update: January 17, 2013.

There’s likely no other brand that best defines sandwiches these days than Subway. In the past decade, Subway has been appearing in the back of magazines, TV commercials, billboards, and waiting sheds, with at least a hundred franchises across America. Perhaps the catalyst for Subway’s success is its consistently growing healthy menus, which vows to stop childhood obesity along with the government’s support. But more than 40 years ago, before the brand enjoyed worldwide publicity and earned record-breaking profit, there was a simple high school graduate named Fred DeLuca. At the time, DeLuca was merely looking for means to finance his college education. This is where the billion-dollar idea of Subway begins.

The first Subway Sandwich store was started in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, who was back then still in high school. DeLuca was working for minimum wage and he recognized that his current circumstances would not suffice his lifelong dream of attending and completing college. Luckily, one summer, a family friend and doctor named Peter Buck relocated to town and visited the DeLuca family. There, Fred asked invaluable advice from the doctor regarding how he can pay for college tuition. The concept of starting a submarine sandwich store actually came from the doctor and so did DeLuca’s first $1,000, which he used as capital to open his first store. From there, DeLuca’s business grew into an empire, making its mark in the food industry seemingly overnight.

Subway sandwiches are a breath of fresh air in the fast food market. Ingredients are healthier and made fresher. Preparation is done in the cleanest way possible. This extra touch of care and attention that goes into every sandwich does cost extra. Fortunately, you don’t have restrict your craving for a Subway sandwich. You can enjoy your favorite subs without having to cut back on groceries or utilities. The use of coupons is a great way to save money on your next Subway sandwich.

Coupons available online offer different discounts and special deals, wildly ranging from a $5 footlong to $2 subs. Fancy a breakfast at Subway? Try a breakfast combo comprising of a 6-inch breakfast competition in the food business, discounts could spike up to ridiculous digits. To simplify the process of finding coupons for a particular brand, in this case Subway, subscribe to newsletters that send coupons regularly. This way, you don’t have to go out of your way to look for it.

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