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American Eagle Coupons – January 2014 Codes

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Last update: January 21, 2013.

American Eagle is an international clothing line founded in 1977. The store carries a mid-priced women’s and men’s clothing line targeted to teenagers and young adults. American Eagle carries a wide variety of products from jeans, shorts, dresses, shirts, shoes, and accessories. In recent years American Eagle has adopted its clothing to have a more retro-look. In 2006 a sub-brand known as Aeire was launched to specialize in lingerie for women aged 15-21. Both brands offer customers an in-store or online shopping experience. American Eagle also publishes a blog and style guides to give customers various styling ideas.

Some stores are known for continually offering coupons, and American Eagle Outfitters is not one of these stores. While sales featuring specific products are abundant, coupons are rare offers from American Eagle. Rather than sending out mass coupons, American Eagle tends to target their main demographic through social media, email, mobile alerts, and rewards programs. Coupons that are sent out through these channels are generally for $10 off a purchase, a percentage off a single time (frequently 20%), or free shipping on an online purchase.

– Facebook
American Eagle Outfitters has really taken to social media marketing. Following their Facebook page will alert shoppers to available sales, but more frequently opportunities to win coupons. Contests generally require a shopper to submit a photo or video for a chance to win a coupon. Winners or participants of the contests can be given either a coupon code to be used with an online purchase or a coupon to print off and take in-store. American Eagle provides a help line for customers who have trouble accessing or using their coupons.

– Twitter
American Eagle now posts Titter updates for customers to follow. In addition to coupons, American Eagle shares photos and exclusive content for Twitter followers. American Eagle also uses twitter as a platform to interact with customers and answer questions about products, new items, or coupons.

– Email
American Eagle regularly sends out coupons and sale alerts to their loyal email followers. Those who wish to receive promotional emails can sign up either in-store or on American Eagle’s website. When signing up, customers will be able to choose between receiving emails from American Eagle, Aerie, or both. A link is provided at the bottom of all emails to unsubscribe from the mailing list if a customer changes his/her mind.

– Mobile Alerts
Like many retailers today, American Eagle will also send mobile alerts to customers. In addition to coupons, alerts can include information about new products, new stores in the customer’s area, and sales. In light that many customers don’t have unlimited texts, American Eagle promises not to send customers more than 4 texts per month.

– AERewards
AERewards is a special customer loyalty program run by American Eagle. Customers who participate in American Eagle’s reward program will earn points through purchases made at American Eagle or Aerie (online and in-store). In-store associates can add points from a customer’s purchase by swiping their card or looking up the customer’s information. Points accumulated are totaled up every three months. Customers who earned enough points (a minimum of 100) will have a 15%-40% off coupon mailed to them. Customers can login to their online account to see how many points they have earned. Additionally, customers who share their email with American Eagle will receive 15% off purchases made during their birthday month. American Eagle also holds special events and sales for AERewards members. The rewards program is free for anyone to participate in.

We are not affiliated with American Eagle. The information above is subject to change without notice.

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